REAL’s Northern Pass Project Reference

Information about the proposed Northern Pass Transmission Line exists in many locations.  For example, details about the physical locations and types of structures that the project proposes to build are spread across 179 separate files on the Northern Pass web site.

This dispersal of information effectively hides the project details in plain sight.  Nowhere to be found, for example, is the fact that there are over 2,300 new structures (1,219 HVDC, 319 HVAC, and 747 relocated HVAC) in this proposal.  Also missing is the fact that the new HVAC structures on the southern section of the route are actually TALLER than the HVDC structures on the northern section of the route (100′ vs. 90′ on average).  Using this tactic, project sponsors  meet the requirement for disclosing project information while making it virtually impossible for the casual observer to comprehend the magnitude of the project.

REAL has completed a comprehensive analysis of the available project information.  The result is a single project reference that contains all of the details about the physical structures in the proposal.  The REAL project reference also includes key computations such as number of structures and average structure height for each aspect of the project.

The REAL project reference also includes individual town information as well as a section dedicated to the White Mountain National Forest.

Version 1.0 of the REAL Northern Pass Project Reference is an Excel Workbook.  You can download the free Excel viewer here.

Download the project reference using the link below:

Download Version 1.0 of the REAL Northern Pass Project Reference (7MB)

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