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Responsible Energy Action LLC (REAL) is a citizens’ education, advocacy and action group focused on New Hampshire energy policy.  REAL is organized as a New Hampshire limited liability company consisting of a small group of New Hampshire residents and property owners with professional experience in education, business, technology, finance, law and marketing.

REAL has three goals:

  • First, our members want to bring top-quality research, analysis and policy recommendations to the state’s discussions and debates on key energy issues.  REAL has a point of view, but its members, as professionals, have a deep respect for the facts and we believe strongly in separating analytical inquiry from opinion.
  • Second, REAL wants to be an effective advocate for sound policy changes in the state’s energy policies.  REAL is focused on results.
  • Third, REAL wants to catalyze or support specific grassroots citizens’ actions that encourage and increase the likelihood of energy policy successes.  Policy change is ultimately up to the people.

REAL’s members came together as a result of the Northern Pass proposal for a new HVDC transmission line through New Hampshire to provide another hook-up for Hydro-Quebec into theNew England grid.  The Northern Pass proposal touched each member in a unique and personal way.

As REAL’s members dug deeper into the facts, analysis, policy, politics and personalities associated with Northern Pass, they saw a large disconnect between, on the one hand, the “sponsored narratives” of the project’s sponsors (and politicians, regulators, press, opinion-formers, consultants, lobbyists and other constituencies), and, on the other hand, the actual facts and analysis.  They saw the clear need for a citizens’ action group that could effectively shine the spotlight on this disconnect and seek to move the public, political, legislative and regulatory discussions toward a fact-driven, analytical approach.

REAL has been launched with Northern Pass as its initial and major focus.  Over time, REAL expects to take an active role in other selected areas of New Hampshire energy policy.

While REAL has its own specific objectives and approach, it is just one of the many grassroots organizations that have formed throughout the state in opposition to Northern Pass.  REAL is  honored to have the opportunity to work closely with countless other opposition groups and individuals.

REAL member biographies are available hereREAL is committed to being available for immediate analysis, perspectives and comments on Northern Pass issues and developments.  Contact REAL at: info@responsibleenergyaction.com